Hello world! My name is Carly.

Posted on Jun 1, 2011

Hello world! My name is Carly.

Hello world! My name is Carly, but lots of people call me Carly-Q. Or Carlybug. Or Carly Jones Shapiro. [ok, that last one is just my brothers, Garrett and Grant… and they have like 20 nicknames for me.] This is my website – and home for Team Carly-Q. The team is a bunch of cool people who love me and want to get a cure for Progeria as fast as possible! We think it will happen soon because brilliant researchers are working on it around the world and Mom and Dad say that the Progeria Research Foundation is using all that the latest technology has to offer. Plus they are doing it all on a shoestring budget. So while they work on a cure, we are going to put all our efforts into raising as much money as we can to help them and start spreading the word about Progeria.

If you don’t know much about Progeria, basically, it’s the rapid aging disease. Most kids live an average of 13 years and all die of arteriosclerosis, which is the same leading killer among normal adults. So, when we figure this out – not only will me and my friends with Progeria live longer, but everyone will! So come out and help! We are looking for Champions. People to help get the word out, sponsor us and help us grow our Research budget! Meaningful treatments and cures are being found for genetic disorders, we will find one for Progeria too! In the meantime, I’m going to concentrate on getting as big and strong as I can so that I’ll be ready for the cure as soon as it gets here. I’ll keep you posted as we go. Thanks for everything!

Love, Carly-Q <3

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