Carly Cares Board

Carly Cares Board of Directors

Carly Cares is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit corporation founded in 2013 whose mission is to benefit children with rare genetic diseases, including Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria. Its focus is on raising funds to support Progeria related research. While Carly Cares is not directly affiliated with the Progeria Research Foundation, we donate a significant amount of our funds to that foundation each year. Carly Cares is dedicated to supporting the local Progeria community in the Ohio area through fund raising and other mission related activities such as the annual Carly Party for the cure.

Heather_ProfilePhoto Heather Kudzia

Heather Kudzia is the President of Carly Cares Corp. Heather is a digital media account executive for eBay and serves on the board for the Progeria Research Foundation’s Ohio Chapter. She lives in Whitehouse, Ohio and has three children with her husband Ryan. Her daughter, Carly, was diagnosed in 2011 with the rare disease progeria at 10 months of age.

Greg_Johnson Greg Johnson

Greg is the medical adviser to the Carly Cares board of directors. He is currently Head of Data Science at Microsoft where his focus is on data-mining, machine learning and predictive modeling using extremely large data sets for applications in areas such as: web semantics, genomics and systems biology. His research focus is on quantum physics, molecular biology, viruses and gene therapy. Prior to Microsoft Mr. Johnson was the CTO of Novarra and a Director at Motorola.

Johnson Carrie Johnson

Carrie Johnson is the Secretary of Carly Cares Corp. Carrie is an intellectual property attorney and partner in the law firm MacMillan, Sobanski & Todd, LLC in Toledo, Ohio. She lives in Sylvania, Ohio with her husband and two daughters.

Natalie CC Natalie Decker

Natalie has been a nurse for over 25 years and is currently the clinical manager for a large pediatric practice in Toledo. She lives in Pemberville with her husband and has 3 awesome kids.

Kelli Kelli Keener

Kelli is currently a Patient Care Supervisor at Flower Hospital in Sylvania, OH. She lives in Swanton, OH and has 2 daughters.